summer table

I prop styled a photo shoot on Saturday at a dilapidated mansion in the Berkeley Hills. I had a great time and was on a high all day and then pretty much crashed as soon as we put the kids to bed. I spent most of Sunday asleep (and celebrating C and washing and re-shelving/storing all props). We had an incredible crew on this shoot (I could not get over the clothes or how amazing the model looked) and an incredible environment. Lots of palm trees and lots of deterioration. With each job, I learn so much. Here is a picture I took of the picnic table I styled. Looking forward to getting the photographer's pix. Pictures and a video from several other shoots should be trickling in in the next few weeks. I'm excited!


  1. Nice to hear that you are busy. The table looks so sumptuous. I see a bottle of Gerolsteiner water. Is that available in the states now or prop inventory?

  2. Thanks, Monica! Trader Joe's (a big grocery chain here) has been selling Gerolsteiner for a while now in California. Not sure if they have an exclusive or if it's available elsewhere (or in other states), too.