happy holidays!

(photo by Heather Sourwine)


watermelon radishes are pink inside

I've just added some new food shots to my website.

(photo by Heather Sourwine)


i can't believe it's fall

Summer doesn't really happen in the Bay Area. It was mostly pleasant during June, July and August, but didn't get hot until late September and then, last week, we felt the chill of the changing season. I've disappeared because I was (thankfully) busy with work for most of August and September. I took a few days off last week to do my first food shoot, with Marshall Gordon and Daniele Maxwell, an homage to fall. Hoping to style more food soon.



I prop styled this video in May and also had the pleasure of helping to cast it. It was fun to work on (OHIO furniture is gorgeous!) and even more fun to see a day's work edited down to a minute. Hope you like it!

(directed by Claudia Goetzelmann)


my work, in print

I'm ecstatic to announce that a job I styled last spring, for the photographer Claudia Goetzelmann, has just been published in a fashion magazine out of Vancouver called TLC. Here's a flip through the entire issue. Images from my story, "EnsueƱo," can be seen on my website, here.

TLC magazine SUMMER 2011 - FIND IT from TLC magazine on Vimeo.


friends & neighbors

Saturday night, I came home with a bucket full of leftover flowers. I spent Sunday morning putting together arrangements for a few friends and neighbors. I wish I'd grabbed a bit more foliage, but I was really happy with how they turned out.



fruit & flowers

I haven't been blogging lately because I am suddenly doing all the things I used to only dream about doing. I've been building my prop styling portfolio steadily over the past few months, and over the weekend, I was lucky enough to work for Max Gill (with some of the most talented floral designers in the land!) on a Napa wedding. I'm not sure if any of the pix below depict any of the arrangements I made (I only worked on the smaller ones), but we can pretend I made at least one of them, can't we?


toys & shoes

Here are some shots I did last month with the photographer Claudia Goetzelmann. My kids were psyched to acquire some new toys. If only I could walk around in high heeled shoes...

(photos by Claudia Goetzelmann)


summer table

I prop styled a photo shoot on Saturday at a dilapidated mansion in the Berkeley Hills. I had a great time and was on a high all day and then pretty much crashed as soon as we put the kids to bed. I spent most of Sunday asleep (and celebrating C and washing and re-shelving/storing all props). We had an incredible crew on this shoot (I could not get over the clothes or how amazing the model looked) and an incredible environment. Lots of palm trees and lots of deterioration. With each job, I learn so much. Here is a picture I took of the picnic table I styled. Looking forward to getting the photographer's pix. Pictures and a video from several other shoots should be trickling in in the next few weeks. I'm excited!



I just found out that a photo shoot I prop styled this spring will be published next week. Here's a sneak peek...

(photo from here)



I've been looking forward to peony season and was happy to have an excuse to buy some peonies on Sunday for a Monday shoot. I only brought one vase to the set and worried that the flowers might not fit the vase. Then I used the best trick I've learned so far, Scotch tape. I made a grid (I cut a piece of Scotch tape in half length-wise and used two thin strips of tape in one direction, two in the perpendicular direction) and happily, the vase that was too wide to hold my flowers, worked perfectly. I'm happy to be taking pictures again and posting again. Still trying to figure out how to stage a still life at home with my point-and-shoot.


not that kind of show bunny

When I told my friends I'd be styling show bunnies for an Easter shoot, they thought I meant women wearing fishnet tights and bunny ears. Nope. Here's a picture from that shoot with Caren Alpert. For more, visit Caren's website or my flickr page. Happy Easter week!

photo by Caren Alpert


flowers at the ferry building



On Saturday, I styled another shoot. This one involved show bunnies. I didn't take many on-set shots, but here's one. More to come - sometime before Easter.


sneak peek

Here are a few snaps of the picnic table I styled in Sonoma on Monday. Many, many more pix to come...